Founded on June 20th of 2017, FIT – Institute of Technology in Amazônia is a private, non-profit institution of scientific and educational purpose, in the form of an Association, active in the Science and Information Technology fields and accredited by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication through SUFRAMA.

We are a research, development and innovation institute in information technology segment with the objective of promoting the qualification of our technical and administrative team through technical and scientific exchange in Brazil and abroad, including the support for the execution of graduate programs, post –graduation and training of masters and doctors. Thus, we hope to contribute to the advancement in the scientific studies of technological solutions that bring competitive differences to the companies established in the Legal Amazon and to Brazil in the future.



FIT Amazônia is CAPDA accredited by SUFRAMA – Superintendence of Manaus Free Zone to perform Research and Development (R&D) projects by the 54th Regular Meeting of the Committee for Research and Development Activities in Amazonia (CAPDA) held on February 6 2018.

We are established in Manaus / AM, accredited as an institution authorized to conduct research and development activities for the purposes established in item I, 4 of art. 2 of Law No. 8387 of December 30th, 1991, subsidized by the Technical Opinion No. 238/2016 – COART / CGTEC / SAP, of September 30, 2016.



FIT Amazônia has a multidisciplinary team formed by technicians and researchers with a wide experience, also offering opportunities for the inclusion and improvement of new talents. Projects and services are executed in our centers of excellence and thematic laboratories, managed by an organization specialized in management, research and development.